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Hello, Thanks for visiting. I am an American Veteran  and hoping to create a site for all those who enjoy the Rotor Wings.  The future of connecting with all of the helicopters of America.  Military and civilian. If you are a military pilot and would like to share your flight experience be it training, combat or pleasure please send them to us to post at this site.

For those of you that are fascinated about the flight of a helicopter stay tune for in depth information regarding " How A Helicopter works, How to Fly a Helicopter, locate a helicopter training facility in your area or near your area.

Facts on how much it cost these days to obtain your Helicopter Pilot License.  What jobs are available in this industry and so on.

This site will be dedicated to all who fly these airships for a living, combat and or a career.

Learn first hand of what it takes to become a helicopter pilot and what you should study now if you think this is a career path you choose to follow.

More to come Thanks for visiting this site.

Please bare with us as this site comes to past. 

Please feel free to contact us with things you would like to see at this site.

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Here are some images of Hughes aircraft.  At the top are the Military training helicopters  from the 60's designated TH-55. TH stands for Training helicopter. Many of Vietnam UH-1 ( Huey) helicopter pilots trained in this type of helicopter. It was a piston engine helicopter. 

 View a Military Training Video of the T-H 55  CLICK HERE

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