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Flight Facts

  The cyclic control which is located between the pilots legs in most all helicopters, except for the Robinson helicopter, which uses a handlebar design which pivots on cyclic linkage located center of the cockpit. The cyclic control is connected to linkage or by hydraulic servos, to the swash plate also known as a rotating star. The swash plate consist of a stationary control plate and has a rotating control plate in the middle that has pitch links connecting to the rotor blades pitch horns, that are connected to the blade grips.

 When the cyclic is displaced forward, backwards or side ways, the swash plate is tilted in that direction. This in turn changes the pitch of the blades 90 degrees opposite of the direction of tilt. Thus, when the cyclic is pushed forward, the swash plate tilts forward and the blade starts to change pitch as it passes the left side of the rotor craft or pilots left side and reaches its full deflection opposite of the tilt of the swash plate or 180 degrees of the direction of tilt. The other blade or blades will start to change their pitch at the right side of the rotor craft/ pilots position, and will be in a full deflection or negative pitch at the 90 degree position. This is known as “gyroscopic

See a Sea Kings swash Plate in action Click Here

So, you want to learn what it takes to fly a helicopter. Well stay tune for ground school facts, books to read up on. How to navigate, and much, much more.

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